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A removable crumb tray facilitates cleanups.

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The long slots mean you can toast a couple normal slices of bread in each slot or you can cut two larger pieces of home-made bread or pastry, and they will fit right into each slot. Check Price on Amazon Given that it is way more budget-friendly than some of its competitors, this Cuisinart model might be worthy of your consideration.

Long Slot 2 Slice Toaster

The high lift lever lets you check the progress of your toast, just lift it out and check how it looks, and it also allows you to put in smaller pieces that you can lift out when they are done. Another concern that has been brought up several times in this model's reviews is that its body gets hot during operation, which makes it impossible to touch or move around while it's being used.

There are six shade settings you can conveniently select from depending on your personal taste and requirements. The 4 pre-set heating settings that it comes with can allow you to utilize the model with ease.

It comes with a slide-out crumb tray that can enable you to clean the appliance with minimum effort.

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The most interesting aspect of this toaster is the length of the slots. The manual high rise lever ensures that you can remove your food easily. Major brands offer from four to seven browning settings, ensuring consistent cooking levels across all slices in a single batch.

The pull-out crumb tray is a neat addition, as well. If long slots are not necessary but you just want the best 4 slot toasters on the marketthen we have those too. The model comes with four programs dedicated for heating up bagels, croissants and Panini sandwiches, besides toast, so you will find it very handy for putting together a tasty breakfast.

Put in 4 regularly sliced pieces of toast, or cut slices off of homemade or artisan breads of your choice, one piece for each side.

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Take note, however, that these people are far fewer in number compared to those who report fairly-uniform toasting. The most common complaint we've seen reports that there are no heating elements in the center portion of the slots or if there are, they feel insignificantwhich leads to bread with browned edges and an untoasted middle.

The latter can fit in only extra wide slots.

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A minor annoyance is that the letters on the top wear off over time, and this toaster needs to be cleaned 2 long slot toaster. When they are no longer lit, your toast is done and it raises up. The Toast Boost feature keeps your fingers safe by lifting the slices high enough for you to safely remove them.

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While a good number of consumers have said that the BTAXL toasts bread evenly, there appears to be a dissenting few. You can lift the toast automatically with another button to check on its progress, or you can raise and lower it manually, with the convenient lever on the front. It comes with several functions, from a bagel button to a defrost button and it even has a reheat setting.

Cons The slot is 9. Most major brands have their own line of long slot toasters, necessitating that the buyer be able to determine what makes the best ones stand out above the rest. The Cancel function allows you to stop the toasting process steam roulette framer you think the bread is done just the way you prefer.

Instead of a plastic body, this model is nicer looking, with a cool-touch die cast metal body. However, this is also not one of the most expensive models either, as the body is made of plastic and not metal.

Ensure that the unit is easy to clean and that you have storage space on your counter or in your cabinet because these units do take up a lot of space. Pros This toaster offers the possibility to toast bread, sandwiches and even pastries since its slots are long and wide.

If you are in the market for a more reasonably-priced yet efficient toaster, check out this Cuisinart unit.

4 Slice Long Slot Toaster Options

It toasts the most evenly, and the toast comes out nearly perfect on any of the 7 settings you use. On occasion, the lever might not connect when being pushed down.

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Like with regular toasters, you can expect a control dial or buttons to set your preferred level of browning and you sometimes get an audible sound to let you know when the toasting cycle is over. Most bestsellers even include 2 long slot toaster Bagel setting, which lets you cook bagels to perfection, with the round side warmed well and the cut side nicely browned, terrific with a great cup of coffee.

The unit has been outfitted with several toaster functions including Defrost and Reheat. There are cancel, defrost and bagel buttons, and it has a count-down timer that 2 long slot toaster you the progress of your toast through LED lights going off one after the other.

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Check Price on Amazon With this toaster, you will be able to have complete control over the entire process and avoid using the cancel button. You can adjust the toast-ready alert volume and the heating wattage is higher on this model. A cord wrap allows clutter-free placement on the counter.

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The industrial brushed steel design seems to be generally-appreciated by the crowd, as well as the LED lights that indicate the toasting time. They are much longer than regular loaf bread, which are what regular toasters are designed for.

A Cancel function lets you cut the toasting cycle short when you think the bread is already cooked. While 4 2 long slot toaster toasters with two long slots are more common in this category, you can find a few single slot ones if you want to cut down on its footprint. Many people also seem to enjoy the convenience brought by the plug's finger hole detail. If you are in another room and you hear the beep signalling your toast is done, that could be a very handy feature.

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The product is convenient and even features a sandwich cage that you can use for paninis and sandwiches.