Sports on Earth: A Closing Tribute

3 reasons why gambling should be legalized, once...

Most "square" bettors are "homers," betting on the teams they follow or the games they watch. It has nothing to do with the point spread. We had a lengthy conversation on the topic, but mostly it came down to the fact that elderly people flood casinos everywhere, and get a ton of enjoyment from them.

Matches in the vaunted English Premier League have been fixed, matches in the Olympic tournament have been fixed, and even matches in the World Cup have been fixed. On the surface, at least, these measures have been incredibly effective. Here, the reputational harm that results from increasingly associating the Leagues' games with gambling is fairly intuitive.

If your stock went up, you might -- might -- get paid. In fact, both the federal government and the sports leagues had established several prohibitive measures prior to PASPA.

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Though they lack true police powers, such as the ability to wiretap or subpoena, they maintain strong ties with the FBI and other agencies. Shouldn't the leagues be responsible for insulating themselves against the dangers of gambling and potential game fixing? It's probably less than 1 percent. Once that special relationship has been compromised, the NBA will have been irreparably injured in a manner that cannot adequately be calculated in dollars.

Aimed squarely at online poker, this law also works against online sports gamblers, as it "prohibits the acceptance of credit, electronic funds, checks, or the proceeds of other financial transactions, by persons involved in the business of betting or wagering in connection with unlawful Internet gambling. I could sense her excitement through the phone. The fans are happy to just get a win.

If it hadn't, perhaps today Atlantic City would be the center of sports gambling in the United States rather than Las Vegas.

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Let's not mince words. I take her at her word, because she is: This subversive stock market exists.

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This situation could be remedied easily, by lifting the prohibition on sports gambling. Also, underground gambling became a serious problem, and crime-rate spiked because of it.

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It can single-handedly turn around an area's economy. The Wire Act outlawed the use of wire 3 reasons why gambling should be legalized among those in the gambling business, unless the transmission is both to and from a state where sports betting is legal. In earlyEuropol, the European Union's law enforcement agency, made the stunning announcement that as many as soccer matches, in all levels of the sport, had been manipulated or fixed by gamblers and organized crime.

Weekend Bettor, are part of the problem. By its very name, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act treats the leagues like members of an exotic, endangered species. The rise of "daily" fantasy sports leagues have pushed the boundaries of this legal-gambling question even further, roulette system black red some online players are winning thousands of dollars a week engaging in these short-term games.

But would all fans take up gambling if it was readily available nationwide? So far, though, not a peep has been heard from any of the commissioners over this growing fad. Lurking at the top of this food chain is organized crime. Even worse, while in some fantasy leagues no money exchanges hands, the vast majority are played to win a cash pot.

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It's known as sports gambling in the United States. A loss of revenue. These cases will not stop until something is done about it. This more than suffices to meet the Leagues' evidentiary burden…[that] being associated with gambling is undesirable and harmful to one's reputation. The mob set up a national lay-off system in the s, connecting bookies in Cincinnati with those in Los Angeles to others in Miami, and so on.

It smoothed out the process, while maximizing the financial return. The Sports Bribery Act made it a federal crime to bribe a player, coach or referee to alter the outcome of a game. By making sports gambling a widespread institution tied to the outcomes of NHL games, the very nature of the sport is likely to change for the worse.

Tim Donaghy was neither arrested nor convicted of fixing a game.

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And even Phil doesn't realize it. The repercussions of a New Jersey win would be much greater than just allowing some casino-goers the ability to drop a C-note on the Nets game.

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They make "fans" root for players over and above their supposed team affiliation. As NBA Commissioner David Stern wrote, "The NBA cannot be compensated in damages for the harm that sports gambling poses to the fundamental bonds of loyalty and devotion between fans and teams. At least some direct evidence against this emanates from legal bastion of sports gambling, Las Vegas, where Jay Kornegay is the manager of the largest independent sports book in the city, the LVH.