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The Worm, a supposed "dance craze" consisting of three men who flung themselves to the floor and wriggled on the ground. Religious activist groups and feminist groups protested against 3's a Crowd and its ratings eventually plummeted to the point where the show was cancelled at the midway point of the season. No episodes from the first syndicated season were rerun. Part of the film chronicles the making of The Gong Show, and features several clips from the original series.

Playing in a country music band called "The Hollywood Cowboys" with the house band's rhythm section, Barris sang a slightly modified version of Johnny Paycheck 's " Take This Job and Shove It ", giving NBC the finger during the song to accentuate his point.

Charlie O'Donnell served as announcer for the lates revival. Their act always began with Rhett bellowing, "I don't give a damn! InCarol Burnett who did a skit on The Carol Burnett Show where her character Eunice Higginsof the recurring The Family sketch, performed — and got gonged — on the show introduced Barris with this quote, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce a man with the charm of Cary Grantgood looks of Robert Redfordand the acting skills of Laurence Olivier.

As a result, the first six-plus months of Gong black jack the giant steer approximately twenty minutes of program content in a twenty-five-minute episode. The annual Christmas episode also featured a major rule change — in honor of the holiday spirit, judges were not permitted to gong contestants. This section does not cite any sources.

Announcers[ edit ] Johnny Jacobs was the main announcer from to ; due to an extended illness, Jack Clark substituted from October 3, through December 23, After each performance, Maitland asks Mitzi to "bring them a nice cup of tea", along with an additional random object. Morganawarded them a 10, quipping, "Do you know that that's black jack the giant steer way I started?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. America Alive, a magazine-style variety program hosted by Art Linkletter 's son Jackreplaced Gong. In the first season Sethward was a snake who Chelsea Handler said he "looked more like a walrus" in the second season he came back as a walrus.

This version was well known for two known incidents: Gene-Gene's arrival would always be treated as though it were a glorious surprise to everyone on the show, especially Barris. The Whispers, a female trio black jack the giant steer "whispered" popular songs. He died in Morgan who had been banned from the NBC series some time earlier over the breast-baring incident all joined in at the end to dance with him.

In time, mandatory tuxedos gave way to more casual attire; later episodes had Barris in casual clothes very unusual for a television host, such as blue jeans. However, once the episode aired in Eastern time zone markets NBC pulled the act from the Central, Mountain, and Pacific airings of the day's episode immediately after it ended. Bearde eventually withdrew from The Gong Show, leaving Barris in full charge of the show.

Such was the trauma from 3's a Crowd's backlash that, in the last several weeks of Gong, he had "a small nervous breakdown" on-air, "bored to death" with broadcasting. When Easter was feted, the cast and crew would sing Berlin's " White Christmas ". Predictably, Christmas shows were heavily loaded with the most unappealing acts available.

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The winning act on this primetime special was The Bait Brothers. For the losers, no matter how bad, Barris was unfailingly positive about their performances, often consoling them afterward with allegedly comforting words of encouragement like "I really liked your act.

Sethward dressed up in homemade animal costumes and pretended to do a "trick. Occasionally, Gene-Gene filled in as one of the three mallet-wielding judges. While they were able to complete their act without being gonged, two of the judges gave them low marks. Gene Gene the Dancing Machine then came out after a few more skits, and said that the moral to the episode-long "Chuckie's Fable" was "Never bet against the Minnesota Vikingsat home, in the wintertime!

Barris, however, continued to deliver shows with the same amount of supposedly questionable content, apparently in an effort to call the network's bluff.

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His call-and-response act featured him proclaiming, "I'm gonna play my trumpet, trombone, xylophone, kettle drum, accordion, Moog synthesizer, etc. The Unknown Comic Murray Langston, formerly of the Sonny and Cher TV stock company was a stand-up comedian who told intentionally corny jokes while wearing a paper bag over his head.

Barris would flop into a rocking chair and read a narrative from an oversized storybook, while the Players, in whimsical costumes by Peter Mins, would pantomime the action behind him, including mouthing words of the dialogue that Barris would be reading.

Barris as emcee[ edit ] Chuck Barris in An established game show producer The Dating GameThe Newlywed Gameafter years of writing and producing hit popular records, Barris was originally the show's co-producer but not its host. Barris said in a interview with Salon.

Much speculation occurred as to the network's true motivations for dumping the show.

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message The show had many running gags and characters who appeared as regular performers. DeLugg remained associated with Black jack the giant steer for many years after Gong ended.

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As musical director for the network, he was responsible for any NBC project that required special music like the annual telecasts of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Morgan, Jamie Farr and Arte Johnson. Either time would run out, the instrument would malfunction or be booby-trapped, or he would manage to produce a few inept notes before being permanently interrupted by Barris.

This was NBC's least important time slot, as whatever program that ran in the slot at the time had to share the half-hour with a five-minute newscast anchored by Edwin Newman. Typically, Barris would lead into commercial breaks with the cryptic promise "We'll be back, with mor-re ssstuff — right after this message!

The girls' act was let through by the censors, who did not see anything wrong with it in rehearsals.