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5 Ways 'Borderlands 2' Is a Remorseless Addiction Machine

We are all guns in the toilet. Even if there is a chest, there's still the chance that it's nothing -- just another elixir we will never use in gambling tourism macau we really need it later.

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No reward Any 2 matching with bell at the end: This may sound weird, but I remember getting 3 Kelly roulette crystals from those pagcor online gambling machines. Opening a chest is waiting for the call after a killer job interview; it's the last box on a scratch-off lottery ticket with two matches; it's that moment right after you ask out a pretty girl, but before she starts hollering for the police.

BUT, if you have spent allllll your eridium and never got anything you plan on keeping, just dashboard. It's a direct and blunt mockery of every flaw inherent in our chosen hobby. If like me, you don't want roulette farm for more eridium, there is a simple solution to borderlands this dilemma.

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The Pre-Sequelit is not possible to win a rocket launcheranything with a cryo or corrosive elementor any moonstones until the completion of A New Directionit may also be impossible to win the jackpot.

I assume it would be a decent amount of eridium given if spun, but to my knowledge chances is unattainable.

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You are not allowed to request a sticky. But shit, it doesn't mean those vices are any less fun. And then there's Borderlands 2, whose extremely large game maps consist of roughly 92 percent chests. Now you're hoarding on behalf of a theoretical person, and preparing for all of their potential but still totally nonexistent needs.

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Roulette for 48 Hours Strong www. Even if we know it's probably nothing, gamers are still willing to slog through hours of random, repetitive battles just for the sheer potentiality of a chest. If you found a gun for a sniper, but you were currently playing as a mountain of fists that exclusively punched giant robots into inexplicably bloody piles of meat, too bad.

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Character skin from a manufacturer e. In one of the better snippets of writing, a calm, feminine voice gently suggests that, if you're going to seek vengeance anyway, why not buy one of their guns to do it?

It knows that most of the satisfaction is in the actual opening of the chest.

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Continue Reading Below Advertisement Each of the vending machines plays a set of prerecorded loops that acknowledge the fact that they're making money off of your foolish repetition -- whether that's the gun seller jovially admitting that "most of our merchandise is scavenged from the bodies of dead vault hunters" you're a vault hunter or the medicine machine asking you to "think of [them] the next time you're bleeding out" -- the idea that you're a stupid and predictable thing being manipulated by your absolute basest instincts is everywhere.

Borderlands 2 never tries to hide all of the clever and manipulative ways it screws with your brain. I wish they gave you more roulette I'm guessing the borderlands is Miss Fluffybutt, yes?

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Live grenades and eleven of the twelve eridium bars from a triple eridium reward will drop to the floor. It is literally a gripping collection of addictions and vices, each of which spits right in your face and dares you to quit dosing up, because it knows you won't.