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This is beneficial since it will make all of the crafting items available, so players can check and see what crafting materials they will need to get burns casino crafting items they want. Is it the same as the Players Club? Some of the prizes that can be won here include game tokens, crafting items and casino chips.

Unlocked at Level 1 Crafting. So the nice thing about crafting with this update is that, unlike previous events, nothing is crazy expensive. New items in the store For premium players who have a few donuts to spare may want to check out some new items. Collect 40 Coasters to upgrade 1 space.

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To upgrade, the player will need to turn out any of the following: Increasing your Players Club level will help you unlock more crafting currency. Players should aim to craft the bigger prizes first, such as the Cowgirl Sign 20 keychains and 35 martinis and the Life-sized Spruce Moose 60 coasters and 80 martinis. Electronic Arts has made crafting easier in the sense that the decorative items, such as the Walk of Fame Star, Ficus Plant, spotlights and fountains easier to craft, as they only require a small number of crafting items.

The Casino event brought a whole new aspect to crafting…leveling up for crafting. The currency unlocks at different levels. Sometimes, tapping Gamblers will also yield some crafting items, with martinis now popping out more frequently compared to Act 1. Most players may have already upgraded tiers at this point.

So there you have it, the complete breakdown on crafting! Check out this post for complete details.

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I strongly recommend hoarding your currency to upgrade. Instead of Acts unlocking more crafting items, and you being able to craft as much as you want unless it was unique …the Casino event is much different.

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The chips will appear at a rate of 10 green chips for every Gambler tapped in the town. Currently you can earn crafting currency 3 different ways…. BUT…in order to unlock everything you must level up your crafting.

The most common mechanic had been upgrading a specific building in order to increase the number of crafting materials churned out. There are 3 total crafting levels associated with the casino event. The items you can craft cost less than your typical event crafting items, easily obtainable.

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BUT when you get to level 3 the cap is lifted completely. To level up in crafting you need to collect crafting currency and spend it on upgrades.

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How do I level up? Another event, another round of crafting. Ah another event in our pocket sized Springfields. While there is no one strategy for crafting, it appears that the best thing to do is to upgrade tiers at the start of the event.

Both the Lucky Casino and the Woodstock Casino are buildings that earn income at a rate of money and 30 XP for every 24 hours.