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I'd like to share with the craps community on some of the games I've seen or heard about and where to find them.

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There are two colored squares in front of the stick man - one red, one blue. The table is a normal size Vegas craps table with one major difference. For more information, see my page on Card Craps.

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Playing Craps with Cards Introduction In California the dice alone may not determine the outcome in craps. Pauma A card deck is used, consisting of 12 each of cards ace to six, and one joker. Come out roll - player places a bet on the pass line on their corresponding numbered position.

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San Manuel Same procedure as Viejas, except cards are in the shuffler and they call it just "craps. All rules of betting remain the same. This game is also totally random.

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For this reason many California casinos totally eliminate dice. Here they use ca casinos with craps dice and cards.

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In California, gambling law does not allow the outcome of craps to be directly determined by the ca casinos with craps of dice. The game is played on a miniature craps table, about half the size of a Vegas craps table. Aces count as one, all other ranks count according to its pip value. This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network.

They are randomly placed in six positions on the table. Harrah's Two separate six-card decks, one red and one green, are used.

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One card is taken from each shoe to represent the outcome of each of two dice. The probability of winning is 5.

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Don't ask me why or the rationale behind it, I don't know. So some casinos and card rooms have created card-based craps and roulette. At least one casino uses a deck of 36 cards with each of the cards showing one possible outcome of a two-dice throw.


Since there are no dice involved, the table has a string of LED rope lights lining the rails which are used to moderate the flow of the game. A continuous shuffler deals the cards. The outcome of the dice determine which cards are turned over, which represent the roll.

Two cards are drawn at random and placed face down over red and blue regions of the table.

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