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About 90 other international airlines have regularly scheduled flights to Germany, including all of the major US carriers. This is especially true in Terminal 1 which has been expanded and reorganized several times over the years.

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Finally, if for some reason you have an aversion to shiny stainless steel, stay out of this airport-- it's everywhere. From Germany, connections are available to over destinations in 90 countries worldwide.

Passengers arriving in the transit zone will first have to pass through the passport control area where you simply present your passport for inspection and the obligatory stamp which the Germans of course take to a whole other level.

See information under "Arriving" above. As in most places, the competence and disposition of the staff can vary widely, but most of the time you'll find helpful and informative workers if not overly friendly who speak English and other languages. If your connecting flight is in the other terminal, use the Sky Line train. Looking for a place to relax or snooze between flights?

From there, you will be directed to the security checkpoint for your departure hall. There are a multitude of stores over of them carrying books, perfume, jewelry, clothes, leather goods, electronics, toys, souvenirs, liquor, candy, convenience items-- even erotica.

If you encounter someone unusually surly or obviously lacking the information you need, just go casino bremen hauptbahnhof someone else. Gate C5, Counter A, etc. For long layovers, there are baggage storage offices in each terminal. Depending on when you arrive, there might be a considerable wait to get through passport control.

The letter is usually dropped from the numbers on signs at the check-in counters, but not at the gates. In December, you'll also find a traditional-style German Christmas market on the mezzanine in Terminal 1. Otherwise, once in the terminal, check the large flight display boards for information on the check-in counter and gate for your flight.

Unlike many international airports with a single immigration area, you will find passport checkpoints in each of the concourses. You might have to go through security times, customs, passport control, tunnels, escalators, elevators, stairs and you feel that you have just walked to your final destination. Even with the constant work, a few areas of the airport are still rather dated and depressingly dingy, although that's gotten better in recent years.

If you arrive by rail at the long-distance station, check to see if your airline has a counter there. One of the quirks about this airport is that there seems to be passageways, gates, and service facilities tucked into obscure nooks and crannies everywhere, so much so that it really can feel like a disorganized labyrinth.

Don't ask me why the sign for green line is actually shaped like a stop-sign. For more information about Frankfurt Airport, see their official website: If you need a boarding pass or additional assistance, check-in at your airline's transfer counter first thing after arriving.

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Because of terminal capacity issues, many short and medium haul flights use remote parking spots away from the terminal and passengers are bused between the plane and terminal. Also, many of the shops and services are located in the big shopping arcade in the landside area of the Terminal 1, so transit passengers have to clear passport control to use them, then go back through security and passport control to catch their connecting flight.

Of course, if you have a bag with you, be sure you secure it to your person in some way before you doze-off so it will still be there when you wake.

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Note that these may require leaving the airside of the airport. From Terminal 1, the bus station is located directly outside of the terminal. Most buses leave from the bus station at Terminal 1.

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For those arriving in the Schengen zone, you simply claim your bags if any and leave the airport. Finally, if your electronic device needs a charge, there are dozens of charging stations throughout both terminals. Then proceed to the appropriate counter to get a boarding pass and check any bags.

Ground transportation options There are numerous local, regional, domestic and international rail connections to and from the airport's two yes, two railway stations. Beware that there is a second "Frankfurt" airport, the much smaller Frankfurt-Hahn, which is used exclusively by discount airlines. Lounge at Frankfurt Airport All that said, the airport does have some pitfalls.

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Public showers at Frankfurt Airport Tired of lugging all that luggage around? Transfers account for over half of the passenger count, making FRA one of the world's most important international air hubs. Unfortunately, having these different zones does confuse things a bit.

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If you arrive at Terminal 1, follow the signs to the appropriate station. Just follow the sign. The casino closed in But because there are so many possible destinations and routes to get there, you have to keep a sharp eye out and know what you're looking for or you may miss that sign. Level 2 is the arrivals, check-in, and European departures level Level 3 is the international departures gate level Level 4 is the Sky Line train station Gate waiting area at Frankfurt Airport Gates, arrival areas and check-in counters carry the concourse letter followed by the number i.

For transit passengers, see the "Connecting flights" section below. If you must casino bremen hauptbahnhof your rental car, follow the signs for rental car returns. Throughout the airport, you'll now find electronic kiosks with airport information. There are also several bakeries and even two supermarkets for the do-it-yourself types.