Golden Age of Mexican cinema

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His first films were not aimed toward creating a myth.

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Since the beginning of talkies in Mexico, some films like Santadirected by Antonio Moreno and The Woman of the Portdirected by Arcady Boytlerwere a huge blockbuster that showed that Mexico had the equipment and talent needed to sustain a strong film industry. Musical and Rumberas films[ edit ] The Musical film genre in Mexico was strongly influenced by the Mexican folk music or Ranchero music.

Family melodramas to rumberas and gangsters movies, the Orol's film universe is surreal and full of flaws in some sense; why his films have been described as a Cult films. More than 30 films are in his repertoire and is one of the most beloved and remembered artists. In the extensive gallery of stars of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante is the only one who could unify public sentiment.

Between and more than one hundred Rumberas films were made.

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Miroslava was a dazzling beauty of European origin who achieved fame in Mexican cinema between late and the mids, before dying tragically in Mario Moreno, Cantinflaswas a comedian and mime, who emerged from the casino epoca argentina theater. Although not the only, indeed, in the Mexican case, Contreras Torres which penetrates with greater emphasis on the exaltation of the historical facts of his country.

His habit of retakes to achieve the effect or nuance of performance that brought him fame wanted obsessive and perfectionist. During World War II, the film industry in FranceItalySpainArgentina and the United States focused on war films, which made it possible the Mexican film industry, with much more versatile themes, became dominant in the markets of Mexico and Latin America.

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As Mexico was the main film industry in the Spanish-speaking countries, its industry attracted other important figures from other Hispanic film industries. In France, a young generation of filmmakers educated in film criticism began the New Wave movement. She is, just as Cantinflas and Tin Tan, a part of Mexican popular culture, and her fame stands the test of time.

Una familia de tantas represented the peak of this period in which Galindo creative genius combined with a successful business sense.

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His characters were always exhilaratingly funny. Some other Mexican figures achieved recognition for foreign level.

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Emilio was the creator of a Mexican film folk and indigenous type that contributed to the cultural and artistic discovery that Mexico lived in the s, possessing an impeccable and unique aesthetic achieved largely thanks to his principal photographer Gabriel Figueroa.

Bythe TV antennas were common in Mexican homes, and new media grew rapidly in the province. The Golden Age[ edit ] Mexican cinema continued to produce works of superb quality and began to explore other genres such as comedy, romance and musical. He had always surrounded himself with female beauties, while his graying temples were becoming a personal and non-transferable trademark.

Also inthe Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to discontinue the Ceremony of the Ariel Award recognizing the best productions of the national cinema. However, unlike what happened in Hollywood, Mexican film studios never had total power over the big stars, and this allowed them to grow independently and develop in a wide range of genres, mainly figures emerged in Mexican cinema in the early s, much more versatile and complete than those of the previous decade.

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But unlike Chaplin, Cantinflas based his character on joy, rather than melancholy. Gaspar Henaine and Marco Antonio Campos better known as "Viruta and Capulina" were a comic duo that were found in the form of white humor win the affection of the people.

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Viruta and Capulina began their career together inalthough individually had worked on other projects. Inwhen German submarines destroyed a Mexican tanker, Mexico joined the Allies in the war against Germany.

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Beautiful, charismatic and endowed with a wonderful versatility, Pinal enjoyed a successful career spanning several decades in the Mexican stardom. The world was changing and so was the way film was produced by other countries.

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Fernando Fernandez besides being an outstanding singer, achieved enormous popularity in musical films incarnating roles of good and noble man. Horror films[ edit ] Although the s are considered the Golden Age of Horror and science fiction in Mexican cinema, during the Golden Age they were found some remarkable works.

The complete filmography of Contreras Torres speaks of a man interested in exalting nationalism and patriotism, from cinema. Filmmakers[ edit ] Among the major filmmakers who contributed to consolidate the Mexican cinema in its Golden Age include the following: Pioneer of talkies and director of three classic Mexican films: Many of these comedians emerged from the called Carpas or Mexican popular theaters.

Mexico won the status of most favored nation. In addition to various national and international awards, Ismael Rodriguez received a Golden Ariel for the significance of his work.

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Dolores del Rio at her best moments, represented one of the highest ideals of the Mexican female beauty. His good looks and contrived elegance made him famous. Emilio Tuero was one of the first film heartthrobs with massive success in the Mexican film industry in the early s.

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A woman of a stunning physical beauty and strong personality, who immediately dominated the roles as a "femme fatale" in Mexican movies. The filmography of Miguel Contreras Torres, in this brief and incomplete review, spanned more than 45 years in which he participated in more than 50 films.

His admirers include the refined quality of his images, his impeccable handling the camera and his inclination towards dark themes and tormented characters.

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For many, Infante represented what every Mexican should be: Cantinflas enjoyed remarkable success. One of the most important, influential and recognized filmmakers in this stage of Mexican cinema. He was a great versatile actor and excellent singer.