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On this album we've tried to do a cross section of everything we've got into and we've included some blues because that's where it all comes from!

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He is in great early shape on both nights, but on the recording we have here, he is in very high range. The band was set to perform more than just one song but as Jimmy Page recollects: Most of copies circulated are synched up with audio from the following night. The tape is an excellent television film. This show wasn't broadcast live as it was happening.

The band members all attend and take to the stage. Sure, he could be speaking of a second night in town, but from the way that he is talking, it sounds more like a casual sentiment of being back on the stage on the same night. Jimmy's guitar and Bonzo's loud drum tends to overshadow Robert's voice and Johnsey's bass but all the sounds are clearly discernible.

What Is And What Should Never Be was commonly attributed to this date but it's really from June 16th, broadcast and was added later to this tape. I used term professional only to indicate that the actual show was taped by the radio.

A single song said to be from the band's San Francisco debut at the Fillmore West. Superb quality and spectrum. The song was introduced by Plant as "a thing Keith Relf had something to do with. A classic, early, primitive monster show that is amazing from start to finish! Robert's voice is simply perfect and the band is so on!

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The crowd sound just a little too rowdy and too enthusiastic to have this be the opening or second night in any of the towns that the band played. Atlantic recording stars - Led Zeppelin! Jimmy breaks a string after the first song so the band ad-libs a one-time only I Gotta Move with guitar, bass, harmonica and vocals while Jimmy restrings. If it is from January 9th, it may have even featured a performance of For Your Love, considering that the date before it and the date after it the band playing the song.

I lean towards it being from the first. Iron Butterfly cancelled their second show and Edwin Hawkins Singers replaced them. A classic early show casino near welwyn garden city the band was young and every night was played with guts.

Incomplete very good audience recording. We admit that we initially had reservations about this tape having been from such an early date. Either where they played two sets in one night, or played multiple shows in the same city. The show is very good and strong, albeit too short! Here, improvisations are confined to minimum levels.

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This is probably second to only lip-sync performance by the group. The quality is definitely very good.

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The tape is an excellent television multicam film consisting of lip-sync versions with studio versions. Two very high powered sets with different moods and feels to them.

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A very powerful and compact show. The thick coating of ice on the hills leading to the Memorial Union prevented the load-in of Led Zeppelin's gear, nearly causing the cancellation of the show. So, which is it?

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What makes this tape more attractive is group's attempt to the song called Sunshine Woman. Not the greatest start for the beginner's experience. Snippets of this footage were used in Whole Lotta Love clip mentioned below.

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The official DVD has opening bass note cut but other versions are complete. It is also reported that these masters have a complete version of Sunshine Woman and obviously a Polish pirate flexi-card must be sourced from one of low gen copies.

Then the show starts properly and is excellent, except they forget to ruby red slippers slots Dazed And Confused before the last song Every instrument is clear and balanced with Plant a bit behind the rest of the band. We can certainly feel that the performance of the band captured by the tape is one of its earliest, since most of the tunes are played in more compact manner than they became in later stages.

The basic sound quality is a bit distant and muddy, with an emphasis on bass casino near welwyn garden city and hiss always present. Complete black and white TV professional broadcast with actual sound. After every song there are yells and whistles from the audience. The sound of those Rickenbacker amps only used on that first tour is unmistakeable.

For sure the band didn't want to play it and this can be easily noticed, when Bonham just looking around dully while he's playing drums.