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The possible bets include: However, Kast dismisses the child's allegation as nonsense. The film ends in mystery as a second shot is heard in the darkened house, but the identity of the shooter and the victim is left to the viewer's imagination.

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These four spots — Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter — each cover three animals, winning if any of them are hit next. They pay chinese roulette machine at even money. The following is a list of every possible wager. However this turns out to be only a superficial flesh wound.

The stage is set for a night of suspenseful revelation when Angela suggests playing Chinese Roulette, a psychological guessing game, over dinner. The two couples try to overcome the uncomfortable situation and are able to laugh about the absurdity of it. By default, your last bets will be repeated and are left on the layout for your next spin.

This bet will cover any two adjoining animals on the layout, winning if the ball lands on either. The game has an edge of cruelty and the results involve everyone in the chateau. Angela is defiant and on their part the two adulterous couples decide to continue as planned.

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This wager pays out at odds. Angela selects the members of each team.

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He is interrupted by the arrival of Angela — who secretly planned this encounter out of hate for her parents' lack of affection — along with Traunitz and a small army of grotesque dolls. While they are away their twelve-year-old daughter Angela, who is disabled and walks with crutches, has to remain home under the care of her mute governess, Traunitz.

Kast suggests that the subject of the questions is herself, and the others uncertainly agree with her.

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Enraged by this and by Angela's hysterical laughter, Ariane points her husband's pistol at Angela, then turns and shoots Traunitz. If any of the covered results win, players are paid out at Eleven years ago, when her father started her relationship with his mistress, Angela's illness appeared.

Each cover six signs, or half the wheel excepting the 8.

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These spots cover four zodiac signs each a full row on the layoutpaying out at if any of them win. This bet pays Angela tells Gabriel that her disability originated with her parents' infidelities. Report a problem As in any roulette game, players must place their bets before each spin.

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Unlike in traditional forms of the game, there is no divide between inside and outside bets; you can bet whatever you like in whatever amount you like, as long as you stay between the table minimum and maximum. When her mother began an affair with Kolbe, the doctors declared Angela's condition as hopeless. The Christ family's rural estate is run by a sinister housekeeper named Kast and her sexually ambiguous son, Gabriel.

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The bet is like betting on a single number on a more standard table, and pays as a result. They all have dinner together and, over coffee, Gabriel is allowed to read from the philosophical book he has written.

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Like the Seasons, these options — Fire, Earth, Air, and Water — are each associated with three signs, covering them all for the next spin. While Kast, a cruel and cranky old woman, is irritated by the visit of her employers, her son Gabriel, a pretentious aspiring writer, is hoping to exploit Gerhard's connections to get burswood casino perth work published.

Upon entering the house with his lover Irene, Gerhard runs to the living room only to find Ariane on the floor with her lover Kolbe, Gerhard's assistant. A bet on the 8 spot, which only covers one pocket on the wheel.