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Manifest - An invoice of all cargo loaded on board a vessel. Forwarder's Cargo Receipt - A negotiable document issued by a forwarder which will satisfy container slot requirements for a letter-of-credit.

Cargo seized by Customs due to failure on part of consignee to make Customs entry within allotted free time. Rail Yard - Location where rail cars are concentrated for loading and container slot of containers.

Tare Weight - Weight of an empty container. Per Diem - Cost per day. MLB - Miniland Bridge.

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Positioning - Moving of empty equipment from surplus areas to deficient areas. Open Top Container - Container with open top and tarp provided.

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A local freight rate which is inclusive of all charges. Pallet - Wooden structure generally 48 x 48 used to support cargo and ease movement by forklifts.

Container Twistlocks, Container Turnbuckles, Container Lashing Bars

Tanker - Taxes slot machine winnings liquid commodities oil, etc. Trailer - Container and chassis as one unit. IT - Container slot Type of customs document governing movement of in-transit bonded cargo.

Tiers - A horizontal division of a vessel from bottom to top. Holds - Sections of a vessel; bays. Stevedore - Terminal operator who is designated to facilitate the operation of loading and discharging vessels and various terminal activities. Tri-Axle - A third axle used for supporting additional weight.

For example, one purchase order for an apparel importer might encompass 2 dozen green sweaters and 2 dozen red sweaters.

Humping - Making up a train, joining of railcars by use of an inclined plain gravity. Water Feeder - Transports cargo to non-direct ports of call. Actual markings which appear on packages. Project Rates - Rates established for specific project.

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