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After reaching MykonosLeo, Frank, and Hazel meet with Artemis and Apollo at Delos where, with Leo's offering, Apollo gives them the third ingredient, the cursed aster.

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The giant, revealed to be Orionappears and massacres both the Hunters and the Amazons. On the Spanish Percy Jackson: They have sacrificed too much already. The problem was asked by a fan at a Rick Riordan book talk. Nike, goddess of victory The goddess' Roman and Greek side, Nike and Victoria, are at war with each other trying to decide which side will be victorious.

The Blood of Olympus

He then carried the unconscious boys back to the ship and spent some time on the deck with Gleeson Hedge before flying off. Kymopoleia En route to their next stop, Mykonos in the Aegean, they encounter a violent storm, which, it turns out, is being generated by Kymopoleia, the Greek goddess of violent storms at sea, who has been tempted by an offer of power from Gaea.

Piper decapitates all the dragon heads and tells Annabeth that it is safe to come down. Octavian's insubordination and lust for blood, power and glory has gone even further than Reyna has realized: The wound instantly healed, and Mimas reminds the girls that it took two gods working together to kill him during the First Giant War.

Disney Hyperion sent "Swag" boxes full of Heroes of Olympus goodies to famous youtubers and included a clue about the Seven, plus Nico and Reyna, on whether they will survive the final battle.

Though it is tempting to take the Athena Parthenos to Athens to use as a secret weapon, the friends know that the huge statue belongs back on Long Island, where it might be able to stop a war between the two camps. Nico is too exhausted to shadow travel again, so Reyna helps by lending him her strength, which is a power of children of Bellona.

Clarisse La Rue is telling the campers about the defenses that they have and blames Rachel Elizabeth Dare of not being able to warn them of the giant army outside of Camp Half-Blood.

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So much so, that he woke Percy up to help any creatures that he could not help himself like the Ophiotaurus caught in a fishing net. Piper charmspeaks Gaea to sleep, and Leo sacrifices himself with the help of a newly-revived Festus while blasting Gaea with fire, which, coupled with an onager attack that Octavian launched with him, destroying Gaea.

Clovis shows Nico the war meeting they had at the Big House. Once there, the group comes up with a plan to get out of killing each other.

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Nico tells Clovis to tell Chiron that they are bringing the Athena Parthenos and that he need helps tracking down Thalia. As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have does black jack die in the blood of olympus other option.

In his anger, Mimas insulted Damasen, inciting Annabeth's rage.

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Lycaon After shadow traveling, Nico is knocked unconscious and starts to dream of painful memories. The sisters receive news that Orion has killed all the girls outside the base and is coming in. Leo makes a music-making gadget as a gift for Apollo in exchange for a daisy picked by the god from the soil of Delos, another essential ingredient in a potion called "the physician's cure" which Leo intends to obtain from Asclepius.

Jason, disguised as an old beggar man named Irosis called out by Antinous who questions why Iros is there.

He barely managed to deflect her attack, and as he reaches out to grab Annabeth, Piper sliced off Mimas' dreadlocks and his ear. Eurymachus is stopped short by Antinous and is destroyed.

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Coerced, she reveals that one of them is destined to die, and that he needs the Physician's Cure to survive, a cure that consists of Pylosian mint, the heartbeat of the chained god, and the curse of Delos.

Leo realizes that he must fight Gaea with fire and that this may mean his death, but The Physician's Cure will bring him back to life so that he may fulfill the oath he swore on the Styx to return to Calypso and the line in the Prophecy of Seven that goes "an oath to keep with a final breath.

After the shadow travel, the Athena Parthenos is laying sideways on the column of the Temple of Diana. Reyna decides that she will contact the Amazons for help as well, but decides to work out the details until the next jump. Orion catches them outside the building and Hylla tells him that he will fall once again at the hands of a woman.

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