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I didn't much care for it. They had about 6 big-screen TV's in the area, and 3 concentric rings of bartop machines in tiers, along with a curved row of hi-top tables. There is a Bad Beat Jackpot, but I don't know any details. Dark wood paneling shares wallspace with large display cases of NA art and artifacts, and there are several free-standing sculptures, all under high, well-lit ceilings.

It was, of course, the only time during the trip where I was in a time crunch to leave and meet other people, so it left a bad taste.

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Check-in went easily, with a nice bonus of desk bowls of extremely fresh fruit to take along to the room. Bell desk services were exceptional; I tipped standard Vegas level and they were nearly floored, but they gave extremely good and thorough service both coming and going. And a standard table Fortune sidebet. Max buy-in of Prices in all were very reasonable, portions were very large, food was mostly good to great.

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Could not get on Crazy4 poker, though I jupiters casino clothing several times. The NA historical theme continued for the decor in both the rooms and hallways. Approach to buildings at dusk.

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I would guess about slots and VP of some sort. Dealer had to have pair8's or better in the back hand to pay the double, otherwise that part pushed if you won. Some more notes about hotel amenities; the valet was either very very good, or very very bad.

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The casino is sizeable, with a round layout, hi-limit slot room, hi-limit cards room, good sized poker room, a large round open bar in the center, and a half-moon sports bar on one side.

There was also a bad-hand sidebet, paying odds for A-high paigow or worse. We had a week's worth of stuff with us along with wedding presents, so it was a lot of luggage to manage.

The indoor pool's Jacuzzi. Exterior and Interior of Poker Room.

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The rooms are in a square around a central reinforced building shaft that contains the elevators, stairs, supply closets, so there was very little noise even though we were 6 steps from the elevator that convenience was shared by nearly all rooms, about 20 on the floor, I think.

There is a large portico with 5 lanes for cars that serves both the casino and hotel check-in.

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The worst was returning later in the week, using valet, and waiting outside cold over 20 minutes with no one ahead of me for no car. The hi-limit slots had their own bathrooms, and there were some snacks and fruit on a table.

To the right is the casino and the rest of the restaurants. Main game is NL, reportedly some in busier traffic, not sure what else.

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I had the ribeye med-rare prime which was good but not great. Small table with 2 chairs, as well as a small desk with outlets in a 2 queen room about sqft, which I believe was their basic room, though they do have larger suites.

This casino and they claim they're the only one doing this pays the. I mention this because we arrived in the middle of a tornado warning the first major one in that area for ; Moore, OK about an hour west got hit badly with fatalities as we drove in and the thunderstorm was in full swing. I highly recommend the place for a multiday trip; lots to do, good food, good games. Players can play 2 hands on all games except UTH.

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Decent service at the cashier window, with 4 available. There was an interesting aspect, though, that if you liked your hands well enough you could double your base bet. By noon on weekdays, 1 full pit open, possibly 2. Hi-limit slots were 3 deep and extremely crowded in the room. Both it and the sports bar had inset VP games, from.

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Also several appetizers, salad, and soup choices. The sports bar food was good, with an extensive menu of sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken and fish baskets, bbq, and appetizers.

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So the EV is not affected by the per-hand cost, and most games appeared to have paytables and rules consistent with Vegas odds. I think the outdoor pool, which is much larger than the indoor, is outside the newer tower as well, but it was not open due to the time of year.

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Part of the main casino floor. From the left exit of the lobby onward, all areas are non-smoking; the lobby itself, some of the first towers' rooms, and the casino are smoking, with exception of the poker room and the buffet and steakhouse off the casino floor.

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Was my first time playing 6 card PGP. One appeared to be all blackjack, the other two a mix of games. We were seated in an alcove and completely ignored for 20 minutes; had to call the busboy over to get water, finally hostess reappeared and said our waitress was working a large party and would be along. The initial drive-up to the property is an impressive winding landscaped drive, with self-parking on the right, the furthest spots a long way from the buildings.

Cabanas at the outdoor pool.