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Though it was located about one mile from the train depot and the other small casinos near Main Street, its operation was intended to draw gambling patrons who drove into the downtown area from Boulder Highway. With Prohibition outlawing the consumption of alcohol fromthe Auga Caliente hotel-casino would provide Americans with a legal venue for drinking and gambling in its casino and on-site racetrack.

The free auto-camps and public toilets, of the early s, led to development of more suitable travel stops known as auto and motor courts. The Meadows holds the distinction of being the first post gaming legalization casino-hotel complex in Las Vegas.

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In the quiet, sleepy railroad-stop called Las Vegas - gambling had just become legal with the ban against gambling lifted. The architect hired to design Agua Caliente was an astoundingly young nineteen year old named Wayne McAllister.

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He passed away before its completion and it finally opened with a name change as The Stardust, in Unlike pedestrian oriented downtown hotels, early s auto-courts were automobile-friendly, allowing quick and easy parking and fun and clean havens to spend the night. In Kentucky, a person could find wigwam-cabins cement tee-pees. Car production increased steadily until when over 4 million cars were manufactured in a single year.

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With the creation of the Ford Model T, auto production and ownership changed dramatically. The name Mo-Tel soon after became a generic term, used for any 'roadside-hotel' that built rooms under a single roof instead of using the individual cottage layout of auto-courts. The world's first motel was built in San Luis Obispo, California in When the Great Depression struck, auto production dropped tocars produced in Inhe was again hired to create the Downtown Vegas' first high-rise hotel, the Fremont Hotel and Casino.

It wouldn't be long until the visions of architect Wayne McAllister were brought to Las Vegas to create similar plush resorts on a barren strip of road in the Nevada desert. It closed in and the building later caught fire and the entire complex was fifty casino closed.

Grant Hotel in San Diego, formed a 4 man partnership to build a giant casino-hotel complex, named Agua Caliente, just 20 miles south of the California border, in Tijuana, Mexico. The other roadhouse seen at left was named The Red Windmill, which fifty casino closed a large windmill-sign over its front entrance.

McAllister would design the first Strip casino-motel ever built the El Rancho in They chose a location at the intersection of Fremont and Charleston Street. Although the Arizona Club provided the first Las Vegas casino-hotel This would be what the later Strip would be able to provide, as fallsview casino holiday hours to the pedestrian Downtown properties.

At the time, Boulder Highway was the most heavily used road into Las Vegas; especially used most by the construction workers building Boulder Dam and only had a few barn-like, roadhouses along its five mile length. Auga Calient was a tremendous success and hugely popular with wealthy Americans and celebrities.

Though coincidentally similar, the El Rancho windmill design was a key-element in its chain of s California motels such as was installed at the El Rancho Fresno. Heinman is credited with giving birth to the concept and name "Mo-tel" a combination Motor and Hotel.

While Hearst Castle was being built in the s for use as a private residential party-spot for Hollywood celebraties With the legalization of gambling in the state of Nevada, a handful of Fremont Street fifty casino closed and hotels rushed to get their gaming licences and began converting their existing business into gambling halls.

Sunset Strip, nightclub owner Billy Wilkerson - that led to the building of the Flamingo fifty casino closed Most importantly, Wayne McAllister would later go on to play an important role in Las Vegas development thru his knowledge of roadside architecture and casino design.

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Auga Caliente included a casino, luxurious guest bungalows a spa, Turkish baths and two ballrooms, all designed in a combination of Mexican Colonial, California Mission stylings. Auga Calitene opened as the one of the most lavish, public entertainment facilities of its time.

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It operated for approximately 60 years under the name Motel Inn and was a favorite place for s movie stars traveling to Hearst Castle. With the legalization of gaming in Nevada - certain roadhouses, bars and eateries were allowed to set up slot machines and provide gambling.

Heinman's Motel still stands next to the Apple Farm Inn. By comparing these ramshakle roadhouses to the well designed architectural beauty of The Meadows Casino, the vast differences between the different types of s entertainment facilities is easily seen. In he created plans for the most modern casino in Las Vegas The Triton slots Inn and two years later designed the Sands.

Cornero arrived back in Las Vegas in to open his S. Ford's declaration set a national agenda and readiness for low-priced personal mobility. Rex Casino in the ground floor of the Apache Hotel.

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These commerical, tourist courts were composed of fenced-off land containing roughly small cabins and cottages with individual driveways for overnight car parking. The Ford Model T became the world's most influential car of the twentieth century.