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They are not restricted to one region, but they are conceptually united because they deal with: Please help us keep it that way by making a one-time or a regular donation. This data is intriguing, but insufficient.

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How do we know what we know: The resultant game takes a form that lies within a matrix of four tropes: There is no escape, for addiction and its treatments are shown to be couched in the same language of actuarial self-management as gambling. Oftentimes the ethnography itself challenges broadly held assumptions such as the idea that gambling addiction is to be understood as an individual failing, and the notion that humans calculate risk like not very proficient economists.

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The taming of chance. Gambling in Papua New Guinea. These contributions are important but undervalued. Roger Caillois was an anthropologically informed French intellectual and critic, and a colleague of Marcel Mauss. The pokies, the Productivity Commission and an Aboriginal community.

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The flourish of anthropological publications in the last two decades has its roots in ethnographic particularism and regional concerns, but the result has been a wealth of cases that, if harnessed, speak to a single identifiable phenomenon. Gambling is hard work: It is above all this insight which must figure in broader syntheses.

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Peripheral, low-status gamblers are the itinerant class. In Qualitative research in gambling: These are often driven gambling anthropology commercial interests and good-governance drives, and are a field ripe for anthropological study.

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This is perhaps unsurprising given their fame as gambling anthropology, their gambling anthropology as migrant labourers and traders in various colonial regimes, and the prevalence of Chinatowns in metropolitan centres Basu ; Loussouarn ; Papineau Part of this phenomenon must be put down to the expansion and maturation of anthropology as a discipline, but a more important factor is the increasing visibility and public acceptance of gambling within the global north, where the vast majority of anthropologists receive their training.

The sport of kings: It remains to be seen whether anthropologists will be able to make good on their unrivalled breadth of experience and produce the paradigm-changing analyses that are required in order to account for the diversity in gambling practices and perceptions seen across the world.

Research in Economic Anthropology 29, 31—

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