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You can't forget it gambling yahoo answers or you'll forget who it affected. Any responsible adult is capable of making decisions of how to spend their time and money. Since they were fairly affluent people, I'm sure it was even MORE true of anyone less advantaged than they were.

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Casinos employ millions yes millions of people. If you can envision years ahead you haven't gave up, you're losing everything you make, you've got nothing left, you feel depressed like you've wasted valuable years of your life, you've let everyone close to you down, you don't feel like you can recover The Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut has over 10, employees, and that's just one casino.

Similarly, people spend money going to the movies, or to a nightclub, or to a ballpark to watch a game, or bowling, and so on.

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They were doing so just for So the most important thing is that you totally apply yourself mentally to being determined to actually give it up ok. Now you have to switch off from this impulsive mind with a flurry of thoughts you know like ''if only i did this, if only i bet on them, i was gambling yahoo answers this time, i used to win i probably just got sloppy, if i study slot systems limited abuja form etc harder then i'd be winning, i'll train my brain to keep control if i lose then i'll begin to win on average'' Switch straight off from all these thoughts, they are totally irrational, addictive needs outweighing everything else.

Some people even gamble away their home, car, and all other possessions.

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Remember don't punish yourself. You see you feel weak when you lose, helpless yes. So those are some positives.

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Whatever your issues, personal problems, or confidence issues sort them out in other ways. They were doing blackjack bio agris just for fun, but my parents-in-law always did seem to hope that they might hit a jackpot or something.

And you know yourself you don't really want to do it, and know it is not going to work out no matter what.

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Have you ever been losing a lot, say you got 40 a left Yes, some people have an unhealthy urge to gamble, and some people are addicted. It becomes self hating, you almost hate yourself.

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The casinos, by the way, were and remain a disaster for Atlantic City, despite being touted as the city's saviors.