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I haven't found the Monza to be to "hot" for me and I'm not shortline skier for what it's worth. Let me know what you think of the ski!

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Check your inbox Mike 6ballsisall Lakey, your ski sucks!!! You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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So its difficult to get a review that would be applicable to us skiers at 15 off who are trying to get better. Wish I were as consistant as others.

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Just shows that different people will have different reactions I hope Dave does not ask for his simple back, they are already in my tool box. The X5 is faster and much easier to get across the course.

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As you are not in good position coming into and going through a very rushed off-side turn in that one example. Somethings got to give!

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This is because most calipers have an indentation at the base of the jaws. I was told the Monza was "too hot" for me 2. I heard that the new Nomad, if you can afford it, is even better than the x5.

I am sure alot of people coud benefit from it. That comes and goes!


D You already ski a Monza you ski-tard!!! But don't stopp at 22' Approach boots, front boot back one hole from center. I think I can get a sweet deal on a leftover 05 System 8. I have been kicking around the idea of a Goode, but I wont fork out that kinda chang. He's fast, he's strong, he's a good tackler but he can get used pretty badly when in pass coverage.

One key fix can often clear up a Patin roulette toys r us list and end the Snowball effect of diminished returns.

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Picked up two full passes on it since then. He said it is like new and has only about 10 sets on it.

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