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This is a fairly common spot for players to limp-reraise, and with a wider range of hands. With an ace and a pair on board, K-4 now chops with K-Q. Some will also try the limp-reraise with pocket kings or pocket queens, or even ace-king.

One frequent and often successful use of the limp-reraise comes when there have been several preflop limpers, then a player in late position or the blinds decides to make a big raise or all-in shove to claim all of the "dead money" in the middle.

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If you're at a tight table, you can sometimes limp from early position with a reasonable assurance only one player will be raising — say, an aggressive opponent the late position or in the blinds who has been terrorizing the table with bets and raises. Every once in a while, though, you might see a player make what is in most cases an unusual play before the flop — limping in, then reraising.

Then they are quick to try and bet you off the pot. You then limp-reraise — what should be an unexpected and aggressive-seeming move — and get a fold. Note, however, that as in this scenario, limp-reraising is typically a play made Sometimes circumstances make limping a viable option, including in multi-way pots where it appears you can limp in after others and see a flop cheaply with great pot odds.

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That being said, I don't really know if you can have too many situations where there are only 2 or 3 players total limping to the flop, while it is usually a higher number of players. Holdem Omaha limping cash is holdem limping idea but holdem limping you wont this you need play low limits with little bb.

In other words, the player unexpectedly goes from being passive to being aggressive, all on the same betting round! Or in a tournament situation, a relative short stack might see all the limpers as an opportunity to earn a big boost in chips without having to show a hand, and so push all in.

It's a profitable play for the big blind to make. First off, whenever you limp from early position, you aren't going to know how the rest of the table will respond.

One problem, of course, is that if the only time you ever limp-reraise you do it with premium hands, you have signaled loudly the strength of your hand to a table full of attentive players. His many poker exploits have made him the subject of a feature article in Sports Illustrated. Reraising can earn a nice-sized pot if everyone folds. The turn is not a very good holdem limping for getting folds, so you check it back.

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Under what circumstances is the limp-reraise ever a good play to make before the flop? Or if the raiser is all in, limp-reraising puts the player in great shape to play a hand heads-up against an inferior hand and win a big pot.

I think it is and it is more valuable in cash games than tourneys. There was a time in the not-too-distant past that a player trying the limp-reraise almost always had exactly one hand — pocket aces.

The limp was a passive play calling the big blind, not raisingand so was the call that came afterwards. Even new no-limit hold'em players tend to learn early on that most of the time — and for a variety of reasons — it is better to open with a raise than to limp before the flop.

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That said, there are situations when you don't mind so much revealing that you have holdem limping strong hand preflop. Also top gun slot machine for sale this series I makes people think you don't have anything.

This particular sequence of events was not foremost in your mind when you decided to open-limp pocket fives under the gun.

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Third, I am not even sure about controlling the pot. When the BB checks the river ace, it appears that he has little interest in the pot. But if it folds to you and you are opening the action, limping generally works as an invitation to others to raise after you.

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Critical Concepts, can be found at pokerinpractice. Just as your ability to play well after the flop allows you to raise more liberally before the flop, it also allows you to limp more hands.

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By limping, you give all the opponents that act after you great price to see the flop, which they should do with almost any hand. A larger bet will probably make him fold everything weaker than two pair, but the smaller bet gets him to put money in the pot with hands that he will eventually fold.

But one good thing here is that the good players behind you might not know what to make of best in slot balance druid. You know what they say about blind squirrels flopping the nuts. Final Thoughts The limp-reraise is not a play you want to try all that frequently, nor should it be done merely for the sake of novelty.

Why would a player do this, though?

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