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How to get gems on cooking fever slot machine. Is the casino rigged? - Cooking Fever Answers for iPhone - iPad (iOS)

When you are rushing to serve a lot of customers, avoid getting confused or trying to find dishes by always placing cooked foods at the same location on your cooking table top.

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You will receive a completion bonus in each restaurant as you complete levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and Sarah I have noticed the single gem is 2, at it is 5 gemsand it is 15 gems. Also, just because you serve more customers in one level doesn't mean it will earn you more experience points in another level where you serve fewer customers.

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Netnet I used to get 15 diamonds about every 25, coins spent playing I went about three days playing study and no diamonds at all finally got 15 today they need to pay out more often because they want so many gems to improve your restaurants it's so hard to upgrade when did answer so scarce Posted on: How to get gems on cooking fever slot machine only exception is how to get gems on cooking fever slot machine you are offered a special discounted price on a new restaurant.

The internet is full of websites that claim to have a cheat or a hack to get unlimited free gems. I've never been able to get two wins within 24 hrs, but then again, I've kinda got a time when I make a point to play otherwise, lol, I wouldn't get anything else done! Click here for more details on experience points.

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But it's better than nothing. Hope you find it helpful!

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Hugo I think that when the new update comes out I think there would be a common way on collecting gems. You will need to click the Claim button in order to receive your reward. Nordcurrent's Tips These are tips that the game developers included, which pop up randomly as different screens load The faster you serve your customers the more generous they are with tips You can use coins to win extra gems at the casino Upgrade cupcakes in the Kitchen Upgrades.

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How many more experience points relies heavily on what and how much you upgraded. LadyEnyo I've gotten double gem 24 gems about four times in the five weeks I've been playing.

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I started timing and I can win the casino twice within 24 hours. Kitchen Upgrades Kitchen upgrades either increase how quickly machines or cooking surfaces refill or cook food and how many portions can be prepared at once, and the price per portion of food.

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Serve the simplest dishes first. After level 20, it becomes available for purchase; refills cost 3 gems. Food warmers are also a convenient upgrade if you want to store more cooked food.

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This also displays how many points are needed to advance to the next experience casino adrenaline 20 free spins. We've tried to save you the guess work by making upgrade suggestions for you for each restaurant. You will also want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant. Each restaurant has a list of tasks, which increase your XP and give you coins as you complete them.

When you play the level, make sure to pre-cook plenty of that food item in advance. Each upgrade increases waiting time by 2 seconds.

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You'll need many more coins if you're trying to win every 12 hours between 25, and 80, coins to hit 15 gems a second time. Mar 1, Answer from: Jun 1, Answer from: But, that means in 5 days, you could earn 10 gems. This is when those items should be upgraded; either by decreasing their preparation time or increasing their price.

Promise I'll still play Suryanamy 2 Setting - general - time - off the automaticaly timing set 3 open the games 5 change day to 1 day after 6 open the game back - you should get 2 gems 7 close the games in less than 10 minutes, you will get 50 gems atleast.

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The more points you earn, the higher your star rating will be. Just play the same level over and over to get to the next EL and earn more gems.

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Feversister I've been playing since January 3 months and I am on level