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The Rayan can deal large amounts of melee damage in combination with enhancing buffs and their shadow. Along with the Arden, they were one of two classes introduced in the "Ascension" expansion. However, portal charms can be purchased from the marketplace or from other players with Jade Dynasty's trading system, while portal scrolls are free and are given to the player each time he uses a Treasure Chest.

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They can also transfer damage and debuffs to the shadow as well as teleport to the shadow. Dynasty slot Scatter symbol. They are the guardians of Incense Valley, and are one of the three Good-aligned factions.

Gameplay[ edit ] Jade Dynasty is set in a world based on ancient China, where the secrets of immortality and martial-arts perfection were fought over by six human factions: They were the only class that was introduced in the "Judgement" expansion. Jadeon[ edit ] The Jadeon are one of the three Good-aligned human factions and are the spell-sword mage of the game.

They have low defense and attack power, but their healing abilities make them very resilient. They are a class that values justice. During combat, the class may accumulate points in either by continuously casting light or dark spells.

The appearance change is purely aesthetic - it does not affect the pet's skills or attributes.

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They are the light and dark mages of the game, using a combination of divine and unsacred spells. Skysong[ edit ] The Skysong are the primary supports in Jade Dynasty.

The Rayan uses light armor, with twin scythes being their weapons. They are also masters of skill combinations: They use robes, along with a sword as their equipment. They use robes as their armor. Then just select "Start Free Spins" to activate the feature: Two or more Emperor Scatters pay anywhere on the reels.

Their pursuit of forbidden knowledge brought them into conflict with the demigod tribes of the Athan: The Seal wild will substitute all symbols except Emperor Scatters.

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The beasts, called "Psyteks" are usually giant mechanical beasts that are able to be ridden on by the Psychea, letting the class use the beast as a form of debuffing enemies and a gateway to access their powerful skill forms. They are a class that values peace.

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It is no surprise that the material was used to denote the wealth and power of Chinese Emperors for centuries, be it through ornamental objects, decorative jewellery or even burial suits. They do not, however, deal much damage, though they have considerable suppression effects and stacking bleed-puncture skills that would help them slay their opponents.

Their usual style of fighting involves summoning fire, using their weapons as fire conductors to inflict burning marks onto their enemies. The pet's appearance can radically change at grades 12 and 18 using special mushroom items.

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They are the noblest tribe of the Athan, floating slightly off the ground in a graceful glide. After triggering this Dynasty feature game jade dynasty insignia slot free spin payouts are Doubled!

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Jade in bi form — that is shaped in a circle with a hole in the middle — is considered to be the representation of heaven and eternity. Without buffs and even with buffsthe class is generally weaker on the defensive side compared to the other classes.

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Their attacks have the longest range of any faction. Kytos[ edit ] The Kytos are the Etherkin crusaders. With these traits combined, the Kytos makes a very powerful warrior as they hastily rush into the front lines of the battlefield. Mounts allow a player jade dynasty insignia slot travel on the ground faster than they could run, though characters in the Arden faction can outrun most mounts in their fox transformation, which increases resistances and speed.

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Dynasty slots Wild symbol. Many of their skills can chain player-chosen notes together for different effects.

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The Kytos uses the spear as their weapon. Skysongs also have area-of-effect spells but not many particularly strong ones.

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