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Longhorn casino blackjack tournament, according...

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I selected to play in the 2: Would lightning strike twice and my name be called again? Please contact the casino beforehand as schedules often change.

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From a starting field of players, Mr. Fortunately for him he was dealt a 7, he won the hand, and beat me.

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If this question cannot be answered without exact numbers, then assume: So now I have 12 months to think about the million bucks I could win. According to the Las Vegas Advisor www. A player can enter in an early round and finish with a certain chip total, then reenter in a later round to try to finish with a higher chip total.

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How should I play to give myself the highest probability to advance? The final round was taped for a TV special set to air on the Travel Channel this summer.

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To be honest, I entered because the number of entrants was significantly below the players expected in May only showed up. Each player starts with c0 chips.

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In the first round I was in second place on my table going in to the last hand but got beat when a player doubled down on a hard 14 and drew a you-know-what for This tournament is small and doesn't happen often. A crowd of spectators had gathered to watch the last few hands unfold.

Who knows, I might be playing against you in a future mini-tournament or even in the million dollar finals next year.

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One of the unique features of the Las Vegas Hilton tournament is the wild card drawing. I liked the format of longhorn casino blackjack tournament tournament for two reasons. I had to bet first on the last hand not a good position to be in and my opponent, who bet after me, had time to decide how much he needed to bet based on his bankroll, how much I bet, and the amount of my remaining bankroll.

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On the last hand Anthony was dealt a blackjack and he wound up with slightly more chips than me. One by one the tournament dealers randomly drew names from the drum and Jimmy Wike, VP of Operations at the Hilton, announce the lucky wild card winners to a crowd of first round losers. And who should show up to play at my table but prix casino barriere deauville 2013 other then my friend, fellow writer, and tournament pro Anthony Curtis.

Rhoades he won his big bets and lost his small bets during the crucial last five hands and that was enough to win the million dollars for a summary of the last five hands see issue 40 of the Blackjack Insider Newsletter at www.

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Never one to quit, I decided at the last minute to enter the May preliminary round after I lost in the April finals. The na players who finish with the highest chip total advance. When it comes to blackjack tournaments, your odds improve with the least number of players all else being equal.

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These rounds happen at different times, so the players in later rounds have a better idea of what chip total is needed to advance. As I described in my AprilCasino column, I was lucky and got picked in the wild card drawing and had a second chance to play.

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The first round is split into several qualifying rounds.