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Thanks to the optically bonded glass, the pen tip meets the line on your drawing on the screen perfectly. The action on the hinge takes a little effort to change angles, but that's likely to loosen up the longer you use it. Mini DisplayPort version 1. Keep your pen handy with the convenient magnetic pen storage on the side of Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

That's about three quarters of a pound more than the Apple iPad Airand a little over a half-pound lighter than the inch Apple MacBook Air. Need a bit more privacy? However, the resolution on the Surface Pro is higher and is x, and the screen has a Wacom digitizer for pen input. Surface Roulette arpentage 4 also features an infrared IR face-detection camera so you can sign in to Windows without typing a password.

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The new Surface G5 touch processor provides up to twice the touch accuracy of Surface Pro 3 and lets you use your fingers to select items, zoom in, and move things around. Surface 2 is also slightly thinner and lighter than the previous model.

Apps Surface Pro 3 comes with many built-in apps—check out the tiles for them on your Start screen.

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You're clearly meant to keep this in your shirt pocket like a real pen. Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Surface 2 includes what Microsoft calls a silver-magnesium color that is more scratch resistant compared to the original Surface.

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Other sensors include an ambient light sensoraccelerometergyroscopeand compass. It was available for a purchase on February 9,in the United States, Canada and China [12] and was released on 23 Mayin the United Kingdom and a number of other countries.


The new power adapter has a spade-shaped plug on the end, rather than the flat, magnetic plug seen on the first two iterations of the Surface Pro. The Wifi is Ports Surface Pro 3 has the ports you expect in a full-feature laptop.

A one-year warranty is standard for Surface tablets. Hardware[ edit ] Made of magnesium alloy and toughened glass, the outer shell of Surface 2 maintains a similar design to its predecessor, but in a "bare metal" silver color scheme with a black bezel.

The power button is on the top of the device. While mainstream public release has been announced, it will be distributed to musicians through the Surface Remix Project campaign. The Surface 2 ships with Windows RT 8.

It's a step up from the 1,by-1, resolution of the Surface Pro 2, and the larger display is bright and clear, with good scaling of the Windows 8 interface.

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Stereo separation is very good, and the speakers play at a reasonably loud level in a small room, with no distortion. For more info, see Surface battery and power. The line fills in almost before you can lift the pen off the Surface.

Thin and light, Type Cover even helps protect your touchscreen while you're on the go. Unique to the Surface and Surface Pro is the kickstand which can be flipped out from the back, propping the device up. On older pen-based systems, you'd see a gap between the stylus tip and any pixels you were drawing on screen. For more info, see Surface storage options.

History[ edit ] Microsoft did not take pre-orders for the Surface Pro. Microsoft delivered an update to microsoft surface pro 2 microsd slot to fix the issue.

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A notable change from the Surface to the Surface 2 is the hiding of the desktop tile from the Start Screen. For more info, see Windows Hello. Surface Pen Enjoy a natural writing experience, with a pen that feels like an actual pen. However, the Surface 2 was often criticized for a lack of support for traditional Windows desktop programs and the low number of high quality apps available from the Windows Store.