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Thus more than ever, the manual work and the artistic abilities of the model maker are at the heart of the creation process of an accurate miniature.

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Our customers should have pleasure using the websites, because they are attached to our brand and to the quality miniatures slot racing our products. Each kit is delivered with a decal sets and building instructions. There are lots of characters to assemble and to paint suitable for every diorama project. Compared with the static versions, the bodyshell is lightened by removing excess material inside to improve its performance during racing, and the fitting of a slot car chassis.

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Decorate your scene or diorama for extra realism with miniature replicas of equipment seen at real race tracks. Art Deco A trophy, sculpture, or bronze statuette: Examples include a team during a refueling pitstop, a driver taking over the car, or a simple onlooker at the show. They can bring life to your models: At the same time he began assembling model kits, and then modifying them to make unique models for the magazine "Echappement".

An exclusive collection of 4 figures made of very fine resin, hand-painted, mm high, representing the heroine with a troubled life seen in both comic strips created by Georges Pichard "Marie de Saint Eutrope" and "Marie Gabrielle in the East ".

Photo-etched parts, vacuum thermoformed parts, metal or resin rims: A new item becoming available, a sold out model, a press article, or a collector who wants to share the pictures of his last creation: Every kit consists of a resin bodyshell, as miniatures slot racing as all the detailed resin, photo-etchedand vacuum thermoformed parts, for the optimal result of accuracy and decoration.

The company constantly attempts to develop a range of models in accordance with the principles on which it is built: This range is produced in our workshop too. Every model is designed in a specific way and uses different materials to reproduce every component. Mainly consisting of the finest resin parts, every kit is supplied with building instructions.

The moulding workshop installed within our warehouse is used for prototyping the engineering department developments, which can test the feasibility miniatures slot racing the projects and the quality of materials and their implementation. Small pit tools and equipment A set of typical tools and equipment seen in racing pits, can be supplied as kits or fully painted and decorated.

There are variations from one model to another to ensure any miniatures slot racing between the prototypes are accurately reproduced. The models are built with finesse, and he is rewarded several times for his hard and accurate work.

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The GTS range is a great success among collectors, who are notable for their attention to accuracy and details. Do not pass around to everyone!

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The management of all the processes of creative ideas and designs includes the determination to keep the inspiration of the company in France. Wheels to step on the gas Sets of wheels assembled or in kits to replace used tires, or to improve a kit, or to complete a diorama.

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Every miniature figure is self-sufficient in itself or can be staged around a vehicle of the same scale. Every detailed article page of the website is associated to one or more videos which show every model in a dynamic way. However, every part designed by CAD must be tested and fitted by hand to ensure the integrity of the design.

For example, the finesse of sculptures and engravings of miniature figures remains the privileged knowledge of the artist who creates them. In order to assure an optimal quality of our models and of their distribution, our workshop also serves as platform for quality control, and storage where goods are verified before being shipped to more than 25 countries.

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Our YouTube channel allows you to look at original videos created by ourselves, showing many activities within the company. Just like Le Mans 24 Hours in miniature.

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The Gold Line kits have pre-painted bodyshells. This concept was called Gold Line to indicate the great level of detail. The use of new raw materials as well as the integration of new components improves the performances and the reliability of each new item. Every box contains all the components necessary for the assembly of a highly detailed model, and includes comprehensive building instructions.

Supplied in unpainted resin, they can be decorated to fit in with any scene or diorama, enhancing the realism of the cars.

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All the available models are cast and packaged in our own workshops. Intended for collectors around the world, all of the cars and figures are produced with great care. Every model has its own characteristics, as close as possible to the prototype despite the very small size.

A newsletter is sent to the specialized magazines and publications with specific information. Every Ready-to-Run every model has its unique technical specifications, adapted to the demands of racing, without any concessions to the shape and the detail, always giving the highest accuracy.

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