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They must be used immediately after picking, since they remain open only in the morning hours. Leave a few undamaged wrapper leaves on each head.

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Its leaf colors range from pink to maroon with white midribs; variegations include bronze and almost yellow streaks with green. Leaf texture is similar to but stockier than that of a French endive.

Some red types turn red only with the onset of cool weather. Frequent irrigations are preferred because these crops are shallow rooted. Sole US distributors are C. A picture of the machine can be seen in Johnny's Select Seeds catalogue, page If the plants are wet with rain or dew the leaves are more brittle and break more easily.

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The first growth of many radicchios is green. Grade heads according to size, pack in cartons. If these leaves are cut back in fall and the winter is cold, the second growth will be bright red or magenta. Some cultivars form loose heads, while others have folded leaves and resemble small cabbages.

Growers should experiment to determine the best planting date for each variety. Varieties are available for summer July and August harvest.

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Harvest is usually done by hand, and packed into cartons in the field. These recommendations are intended to provide adequate fertilizer. Green Crop Harvester, made in England.

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Nonforcing types include Palla Rossa popular in the United States; dark green exterior leaves, and a head with elongated red leaves and pure white ribsCastelfranco semi-heading variety with a loose red and white inner head surrounded by green leaves streaked with rose, pink, green, or bronze in cold weather; milder flavor, more heat resistant ; Castelfranco Variegata crumpled foliage is striped red and yellowChioggia variegated red and white; tighter head than CastelfrancoGiulio round, compact, red head with very good color; resists boltingand Cesare.

Keep the heads clean and free of soil and mud. It has a distinctive, bitter flavor, and is eaten raw or lightly grilled or roasted. Soils should provide good water holding capacity and good internal drainage, and a pH of 6.

Plant as early in the spring as possible and stagger plantings once or twice per week, planting only what can be harvested and sold during that interval.

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Also, since most radicchio is field packed in corrugated cartons, vacuum cooling is more suitable. Quick Cut harvester, an Italian, battery-powered, walk-behind machine with a 39", 48" or 54"-wide head and a band-saw cutter.

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Soil type does not affect the amount of total water needed, but does dictate frequency of water application. Radicchio may be a host for lettuce mosaic. Radicchio is a red, broadleaf, heading form of chicory.