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Your immediate goal is to head for the Library, since well, Keeper Rafe is a Keeper, and nerds like to hide in Libraries when large humanoid monsters are after them. Buy the climbing gloves if you have the cash.

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On the other hand, you can KO almost all the Kurshok and Pagans with some patience, some well placed water arrows you only need one spot of darkness to work a groupand the blackjack.

Orland comes thief 3 blackjack that moment and decides to tell Garrett the truth - he is the one to use the Artifacts, but not to destroy the Final Glyph.

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Tactical Information Edit Useless for hand-to-hand combat since it causes little damage, the Blackjack's strength comes from his ability to knock out opponents without making too much noise and without killing them. Note jars break when thrown against the tapestry. A button on the back of the Heart podium momentarily deactivates the electric barrier.

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KO any Kurshok you find and you can probably get to Rafe thief 3 blackjack the corner of the library. A viktrola at the top of the main stairs in Porter Hall, and another on the second floor of Tesero Hall, plays a soundtrack in which the Horn of Quintus can clearly be discerned. You drop into a large partly lit cavern.

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You can clean up later on. Find Keeper Rafe or his remains for clues Citadel Core You start off in the bathhouse where Kurshok patrol like nobody's business. Be sure to loot anything you see - a health potion is among the loot in the hall near the bathhouse incase you decide to "try a little experimentation" and you start bleeding.

Above Under the hatchery is the Pagan Battlehorn and a Kurshok guard. The Keeper Library is now seen by citizens. Edit It turns out Gamall does not show up in the museum.

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Note the small tunnel that leads to the Pagan Battlehorn. Hitting alerted armed targets will do nothing but inflict a minuscule damage, however this can be a problem on higher difficulties as this hits still can kill them. Buy for "emergencies". If you prefer to KO the Kurshok yourself, by all means gas bomb these rat men and invade the Kurshok turf yourself.

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Up here, no Kurshok can see or hear you, so toss landmines and fire arrows away. Above Rewards for killing Kurshok silently and destroying jars is the golden tapestry. If the picture is blotchy, don't worry - the place is too damn dark to take any good pictures.

The Library where Keeper Rafe is hiding is at the top of these double stairs.

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Appearance T1 and T2 version TDS version A real blackjack is usually a relatively soft, flexible leather tube filled with lead shot, designed specifically for reduced lethality by delivering a heavy, but distributed, concussive blow. If you've cleared out the "infestation", you should be able to freely explore the rooms for loose loot and hidden stuff watch out if you move Garrett in some uneven corners - he occasionally gets stuck and you need to reload your game.

Don't forget the landmines either. The large diamond in the Theatre area. Once thief 3 blackjack infection has been excised, grab the crown and leave. One of them is behind the lighting fixture and the other is unreasonably high up.

Above Heading the right way, just keep heading right to the blue torch stairs.

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However, this thief 3 blackjack is useless against someone wearing a certain kind of helmet, in this case it will only alert and hurt the target. A small tunnel near the Crown display leads Garrett close enough to the Kurshok Crown to grab it through the electric barrier.

The reason why you're taking the stairs to overlook the Throne Room is because you're going to headshot the rest of the Kurshok milling around down in the Throne Room. The hatchery has three Kurshok we counted. In the curator's office are three ordinary looking bottles that contain valuable wine, a jewel-encrusted goblet that lost its sparkle, and in the pre-patched version a blank canvas displayed on the wall.

All the Keepers have gone. Watch the landmines though, since corpses will trigger mines just like live bodies. Clock any of the stationary Kurshok with a headshot.

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Epilogue Edit When Garrett is walking down a street one night, a young girl tries to pickpocket him but fails. Having them can make your jobs slightly easier by allowing you to bypass obstacles or hide from enemies.

Deadly Shadows - always, except temporarily in Pavelock Prison Attack: A noisemaker can distract Kurshok to the spots you want, but replacing them can reel rush casino expensive unless you can steal some in the City. Watch the ratmen in the next tunnel over, as they are allied with the Pagans and may hear you if you start fighting.

This area will have a set of stairs illumintated by blue torches they go up. Orland is thrown aside when Garrett sneaks away during the process. Buy five gas bombs and grab as many of the free gas arrows you can.