UWF Blackjack Brawl

Uwf blackjack brawl, thank goodness...

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Williams takes Sid down and grabs a headlock. Snuka fights back to his feet and elbows free.

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Back inside, and Mando hammers away, then takes Armstrong over with a snapmare. Who actually thought that this combination would produce a decent match?

Sunny Beach vs. Dr. Feelgood (w/ Missy Hyatt):

Candy chokes her out in the corner and gets a slam for the pin at 3: Feelgood appears to be journeyman jobber Al Burke for those who care. Tokyo with a headlock, then nails Karate Kid in the throat.

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So, to say there was a Supercard held in was shock to me would be an understatement. I figured a Mantis would be better, but I don't know much about Bees. The action continues to spill outside the ring, and everyone hugs "trying" to get everyone in the ring.

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Every time the lights go up even a little, you can see the rows of empty seats on the hard camera side, because apparently Herb Abrams is too stupid to move everyone over to the camera. As much as I like Dr. Tokyo turns it over and tries pinning Karate Kid's shoulders to the canvas, but nothing comes of it.

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Irish whip, and Brunzell hits the dropkick! Irish whip, and Tokyo with a shoulder block. Jesus, what a waste of time. Thank goodness that's all over.

Tokyo nails Karate Kid coming into the corner, and covers for the three count at 7: One last round of applause for them! Missy uses a shoe to stop the awesome momentum of Beach, but he comes back with a backslide for two. Yeah, that was a horrible pun involving "Rocky Balboa.

Snuka fights back, but somehow manages to rebound off Jack while trying a shoulderblock, and takes a bump at a 90 degree angle that sends him flying out of the ring again. There's usually a good reason for it, and there's a good reason this was the lost known show put on, at least for a national audience, from the UWF.

Tokyo avoids a dropkick and stomps the face. Williams with a go-behind waistlock, but Sid counters. I just want this show to end, and thankfully, we've come to the end of the line.

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Irish whip, and Spivey with a sidewalk slam for a two count, then goes back to the stretch. Feelgood escapes and does generic heel offense.

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A lot of hair pulling, awkward punches, and just a total lack of chemistry. Are we in Kindergarten or something?! Williams with a head scissors, and Sid kips up! Brunzell tags in and they take him over with a double hip toss. Tolos compares her to a Queen Bee. Devine knees her in the midsection, then takes her over with a semi closed slot drop.

Orton bails and throws a glass of water in his face, and they clear battle pet slots to a double DQ at 5: No idea who Armstrong is, but I'm guessing it's not the same Jack Armstrong that was on the inaugural Florida Marlins roster. It's using a gimmick just for the sake of it, rather than producing a good match.

Match was watchable, at least. So he gets revenge with a uwf blackjack brawl, mind you for whoever or whatever it was that wronged him. For those few that care, the UWF probably was most notably associated as a real promotion during the early part of the 90's, including a Uwf blackjack brawl Beach Brawl that tanked pretty badly with a miniscule buyrate and horribly low attendance.

The title belt looks like one of those childrens replica belts from their merchandise catalog.

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